Coveralls and Gloves


Drop your coveralls off at Richmond Dry Cleaners and let get that difficult mud and grease out and save the wear and tear on your washer and dryer. We use state of the art dry cleaning techniques to have your coveralls looking like new. We also offer same day service for coverall cleaning when dropped off by 11AM.

Coverall Repair

Our on-site seamstress is available to look after any necessary repairs and alterations on any pair of coveralls. From fixing holes to replacing zippers and sewing on name tags, let us take care of all your mending needs.

Work Gloves

Is the cost of continually replacing work gloves adding up? At Richmond Dry Cleaners we use a special dry cleaning process to recondition all types of work gloves. We can get leather, cotton, terry, hot mill, PVC, rubber and nitrile gloves clean without shrinkage and still remain soft, pliable and comfortable at only a small fraction of the cost of a new pair of gloves.